Technology for Revolution.

Innovation, volume as well as a high value creation: the long-standing industrial experience of the joint venture partners SCHMID Group and SABIC-NUSANED is the basis for leadership in costs and technology of stationary energy storage.

EverFlow flow batteries offer maximum performance and scalability together with safety and recyclability. The EverFlow portfolio with storage solutions for small and mid-sized up to multi MWh size offers solutions for commercial and industrial customers as well as the utilities.

A decade long history in product development and constant improvements in the German R&D center are the basis for EverFlow high product quality and value. The new volume production in Saudi Arabia with an annual output of up to 3 GWh is the key to successfully integrate EverFlow batteries into the globally fast-growing market with major storage projects.

EverFlow is committed to contribute to energy transition, reduce global fossil fuel consumption and help to preserve the planet for future generations.

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Nusaned Investment

The Nusaned Investment is an investment company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and owned by SABIC with a mandate to increase local content in the Kingdom. Nusaned Investment invests alongside the investors in localizing mature technologies and pioneering emerging technologies in the Kingdom. Nusaned Investment prioritizes economic development and strategic benefit for KSA, in addition to supporting and enabling the execution of KSA’s National Industrial Strategy (NIS).


The SCHMID Group is a technology group based in Freudenstadt, Germany. Founded in 1864, the group of companies employs more than 800 staff members worldwide and has technology centers and manufacturing sites in Germany, China, Turkey and the USA in addition to several sales and service locations worldwide. The group focuses on developing customized equipment and process solutions for multiple industries including Electronics, Renewables and Energy Storage.

Advanced Energy Storage Systems Investment Company

AESSIC is the JV company that includes the production facility located in Jubail Industrial City and the R&D facility in Germany.

Key Benefits


Expected lifetime over 10,000 cycles or 20 years


Independent scaling of power and capacity


Vanadium electrolyte with unlimited lifetime and value


100% deep-discharge capability without consequences


Environmentally friendly


No self-discharging of electrolyte in the tanks


No fire risk, highest operational safety, use of water based electrolyte

Products and Solutions

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Building Integrated Storage

Integrate the VRFB directly into existing buildings.

Use existing buildings for battery integration to keep systems running during a power failure or operate the system in peak shaving mode in order to reduce energy costs.

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Large Scale Storage

The perfect solution for large scale storage needs.

The solution for multi MWh storage projects for utility scale infrastructure. Benefit from the long lifetime and the inherent safety as well as the scalability to create perfectly suited Energy Storage asset.


The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) stands for a progressive and innovative flow battery technology.

Different oxidation states of dissolved vanadium ions in the electrolyte store or deliver electric energy.

The electrolyte is continuously fed from a tank system into the reaction cell (also called Stack). Depending on the current demand, energy is stored in the electrolyte (battery charging) or fed into the grid/network (battery discharging).

Areas of Application



Real-time battery monitoring and short reaction times allows complex supply/demand balancing as well as efficient ancillary services



Storing surplus energy from renewables, like PV-Carports or wind turbines, for charging electrical vehicles



Intelligent balancing of energy production and consumption as well as enabling the integration of distributed energy generation


Peak Shaving

Electricity prices for industry & commerce are often determined by power peaks. By setting a specific threshold these peaks can be cut, resulting in annual electricity bill savings



Ensure energy supply from renewables and optimizing the use of diesel generators where the grid is missing


Renewable Integration

Store surplus renewable energy and use it later or secure your operations in case of power outages

Everflow Leadership

Rami Madadin


Henrik Buschmann


Ali Sawan

Production Manager

Mohammed Khater

Finance Manager

Ahmad Fars

Project Manager